About Us

About Us

Whether you're moving locally, long distance or internationally, we are your perfect relocation solution! We can assist in moving your household, your autos, your pets, and coordinate all the logistics, seamlessly, to afford you the luxury of a "Stress-Free" move.

We offer trained professionals to attend to each and every detail and coordinate the logistics of your move. Our relocation coordinators are very knowledgeable and will guide you through every step of the process. From providing competitive/accurate pricing options, to offering tips on moving specific items, coordinating all components and working within your schedule, our representatives are here to assist in creating a stress-free relocation.

We will handle every last detail of your relocation!

In addition, a specific customer service team member will be assigned as your single point of contact throughout the entire process. After being in the relocation business for over 40 years, I have moved families locally, long-distance and internationally. I have transported a lot of cars and even relocating people's pets. In addition to a full-service, white-glove move, I also offer 3rd Party Services to custom crate artwork, or move items too fragile to go on a truck.

My passion is helping the seniors move. My company will assist with a free space plan, sorting and downsizing, packing, moving, and unpacking and putting everything away...hanging pictures and even making the bed! In the event they need to have items that need to shipped out of town, that’s a job we can handle. One phone call does it all! Work with a team of professionals to experience a stress free move!

Our Ideal Customer

An ideal client would be a busy executive, a young growing family, or an aging senior that needs someone that can assist them with organizing and planning their move. We offer a variety of services to our Real Estate agents, their buyers, and their sellers, from organizing to a De-Cluttering package. We work with adult children, relocating their parents, that need to reply on a company to oversee a move, as they live out of state or they have a busy career. Another ideal client needs to ship a car out of state or purchased one they need picked up and delivered. We enjoy working with clients on the downsizing/rightsizing process who are overwhelmed. Any client that could benefit by relieving the stress of moving would be an ideal client.

How We Got Started

I have worked with some amazing clients throughout my career and know that moving is stressful and can be extremely frustrating. I enjoy orchestrating a seamless relocation and seeing my clients happy with the outcome! My passion is for helping seniors and I can relate on how overwhelming a move can be!

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