Save the hassle. Keep these items with you...

In the packing process, there are certain items that we recommend you take with you and not load on the moving vans.  If there’s a delay in your shipment, personal items such as prescriptions, checkbooks and birth certificates are just a few items you will want to have immediate access to.

Below is a list of some of these items we suggest you keep out and transport yourself.  If you have specific questions on these type of items or documents, your personal move coordinator will be happy to answer any of your questions or perhaps will make some other recommendations as well.

  • Address Books & Important Telephone Numbers
  • Airline Tickets, Hotel & Rental Car Confirmations
  • Car Keys & Registrations
  • CDs, Stock Certificates & Bonds 
  • Checkbooks & Charge Cards
  • Coin & Stamp Collections
  • Computer Disks & Drives 
  • Expensive Jewelry & Furs
  • Financial & Insurance Documents
  • IRAs/Deeds/Tax Records
  • Personal Documents: e.g. Birth Certificates, Passports, etc.
  • Photo Albums & Genealogy Records
  • Prescriptions, Medical & Dental Records
  • Professional Files & Research Projects
  • School Records
  • Software Backups & Personal Videos
  • Sterling Silver
  • Veterinary Records for Pets 
  • and any other personal information you feel is important to set aside and not load on the van.