SAVE MONEY...Declutter before you pack.

We are a society of collectors.  Our houses are larger, we have more room to store things; we’re living longer, giving us more time to accumulate possessions; we have more discretionary income to buy “stuff.” We even have mini storage units we can rent to house our additional “stuff”.  The list goes on, and organizing and De-Cluttering your things can be overwhelming. We all are familiar with the word “Pack Rat” and most of us are guilty of collecting things to a certain extent.

Determining the cost of a long-distance or International move is based on weight, plus distance.  Hourly rates typically apply when moving locally.   So, by eliminating unnecessary items from your home, it makes the cost of your move more realistic and affordable.

The importance of De-Cluttering is often overlooked.  We get settled in our homes and things that are stored in closets, attics, basements, and garages are often overlooked.  “Out-of-sight, out of mind”, is the way most of us view it. So, from a financial standpoint, it makes perfect sense to take time to  “De-Clutter“ before you pack.

There are other benefits to sorting through your “collection of stuff” and eliminating clutter.  One important aspect in the preparation of selling your home is to make it appear spacious, open, airy. If you have a cluttered environment, it creates a different picture to a perspective buyer.  It is often difficult for some people to see though the “clutter” to the true benefits your home may have to offer.